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THE OLD LADY WHO INVENTED GOITH – the debut novel from Mick Mercer

Having written about Goth since it began, with a past in fanzines (starting in 1976) and music journalism, I guess it isn’t surprising what lies at the heart of my first novel, THE OLD LADY WHO INVENTED GOTH, but this is not a typical book. For a start the first edition is illustrated in a new way for a novel, while the story is a prequel to what we know and understand. 100 years ago Hermione M. Lee wanted what we have now, but it simply didn’t exist. As she was just fourteen, and a surprisingly foul-mouthed child, with The Great War brewing quietly in the distance there wasn’t a great deal she could do about it, or anything. That never stopped her trying, from the moment she found creativity crackling beneath her fingernails and in a busy life Hermione was rarely inert for long. A champion of darkness, and yet a vanquisher of gloom, Hermione M. Lee is a Gothic blueprint in action, living a life steeped in sin and intrigue, but justifiably so.

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Brickbat Mansion presents Johnny Indovina of Human Drama ~Portland,OR

Brickbat Mansion presents Johnny Indovina (Human Drama) with an intimate acoustic performance.
Friday June 3rd
The Lovecraft Bar
$5 cover

Johnny Indovina (singer /songwriter) is best known for his intense and thought provoking work, both solo and with his former band Human Drama. This will be his first Portland performance in nearly a decade and not to be missed! Johnny will be playing an intimate acoustic set including many Human Drama classics.

There are no advanced tickets and all attendance will be covered at the door. $5 special event cover for this performance.

Come for the performance and stay to dance. DJ Curatrix and DJ Wednesday will be spinning an eclectic mix of shoegaze, goth, ethereal and post-punk before and after the performance ^v^

Brickbat Mansion is Every First Friday at the Lovecraft! ^v^ A horror themed bar with spooky decor, booths and an ample dance floor!

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The new Xmas Issue of THE MICK (#53) is online for free download, packed full of contributions from an interesting mix of people: some you know, some you don’t, but all have interesting stories to tell. There are charming, poignant memories of Xmases past, worrying developments about peculiar presents and some startling and quite beautiful contributions in the Ghost Story section, so you will be royally entertained without ever having to go near the Queen’s speech.

Those contributing are:

Amber Erlandsson (Morrigan Hel), Aine Branch, Alan Hicks, Alethea Carr, Ali Howells, Andy Cale Cousin, Andy Deane, Andy Heintz (sort of), Andy Pearson, Anna Aliena, Azia Justine (Des ModulesEtranges), Barrington Steele, Barry DJBats, Bod, Bunny Lefluf, Carrie Ryan, Cheshirecat Thebouncing, Cid Vale Ferreria, CorkAnt, Dae Noctem, Daneen Rush, Darlin’ Grave, David Myers, Del Bartle, DJ Jason, eveghost (Christ vs. Warhol), Frank Vollmann, Gary Clarke, Gary Conisbee, Gordon Seth, Haley Fatbeast Stark, Jamie Monahan, Jemma Siosalach, Jo Fuzzbat, John Robb, Joost Vandoorne, Joy Lasher, Juliet Bowbrick, Keith Spence, Killjo Zapata, Lizzie Swarf, Manzana Oscura, Mark Quested, Mark Smith,
Mark Steiner, Mark Wilson, Michele Ari, Miranda Yardley, Neville Cope, Nige Twelvetrees, Noel Coloma Acosta, Paul Broome, Paul Devine, Paulo Gotoh, Penny Dreadful, Riccardo (Corde Oblique) Prencipe, Richard Johnson, Rob Byrd, Rob Dallaway, Roger Fracé, Ryan Dolston (, Shaun Histed-Todd, Sheldon Bayley, Simon Doling, Susan Drawbridge, Terri Kennedy, Timothy London, Tony X, Tracy Romero and Wendy Robinson.

You can download this issue at:

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If you’re looking for a book to get someone for Xmas there’s no-one with a larger selection of Goth, Punk, Post-Punk and Indie material than me. The books are printed in the UK and the US so you should get anything you order in time for Xmas. Full list of books, with urls behind the cut.

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wednesday addams

Brickbat Mansion Thursday November 4th, Portland, OR

^-^ Brickbat Mansion
^-^Thursday November 4th
^-^The Fez Ballroom Lounge

Every First Thursday at the Fez Ballroom Lounge. We are now on the FIRST THURSDAY OF THE MONTH!

Upstairs in the ballroom is Shadowplay so that is 2 rooms of music for no cover!

Please join us in the antidote to micro-management, fluorescent light, commuter traffic, the mechanical minutes of ticking clocks, "business casual," paint fumes, Microsoft Office 2007, and microwaved coffee.. the club night that is everything a day in the office is not.

DJ Curatrix and DJ Wednesday will be spinning a nostalgic and heavenly mix of your favorite goth, ethereal, darkwave, post-punk and shoegaze tracks all night long! Expect the unexpected... requests are always welcomed.

This night will remind you why you love music.

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The veterans of Russian industrial-psychedelic rock. The first band to play dark wave music in Russia.

You can also read the story about writing the song and ask Yuri Zvezdniy on his official LJ page
Official page of this video
Download the new retrospective album
Last FM --->
Official site of the band--->
Official Myspace page--->