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First Generation Goths, Ur-goths, Ex-Goths, Batcavers & Deathrockers

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1st Gen Goths, Urgoths, Elder Goths
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I bid you welcome. Come in and reminisce with us about the classic age of goth culture (1976 - circa 1988). You remember. Yes, back when goth music was actually good. Way, way back ... back when the goths didn't even know they were called that, or denied any connection to the label, back in the ur-goth period of music history.

The fogeygoff community is a place where mature goths and ex-goths can share nostalgic recollections, make inquiries, talk music, share links, and maybe even find romance. And younger goths can come and bask in the wisdom of their elders.

The late 70s-early 80s was where it all happened, and the best music is still from that time, right? So make yourself cozy in a place where people talk about bands you've actually heard of, films you've actually seen, and not all that kinderwave stuff, or whatever it's called.

Ah, those golden years, when your gothicness was measured by how high you could tease your hair. The days when you could locate goth clubs just by the smell of Aquanet wafting from blocks away...

Some suggestions for more pleasant participation:
Pleeese try to keep your posts relevant, and NO MOPING!!! No flaming either. Do that in your own journal. This is not a psychotherapy community. And remember we are here to preserve 80s goth culture, which is done by promoting and sharing, not whining or criticizing.

Picture Policy: First, all pictures bigger than 400x400 pixels must be behind an lj-cut tag, out of courtesy to dial-up users. Anything bigger will be automatically deleted. Second, no band photos unless you took them and are hosting them on your own server/site (no Geocities or Tripod please). Third, do not hotlink images from any server that is not your own (such as fan sites, commercial sites, band homepages, other peoples' homepages or journals). Stealing other peoples' bandwidth and/or copyrighted work can get you banned from here. Most likely though, your post will just be promptly deleted. Fourth, all pics must be on-topic and relevant to the flavor of this community, and should be work-safe. Such decisions are the community maintainers' prerogative and are not contestable or votable. This policy still gives you a lot of leeway to have fun. Guidelines like this are meant to encourage etiquette and consideration.

Help promote this community. The more members, the merrier (and the more likely you'll get responses to your posts). Tell the other fogeys about it. Thank You!

This forum was created by cpmcdill. It is now maintained by mickmercer.

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