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Brickbat Mansion Thursday November 4th, Portland, OR

^-^ Brickbat Mansion
^-^Thursday November 4th
^-^The Fez Ballroom Lounge

Every First Thursday at the Fez Ballroom Lounge. We are now on the FIRST THURSDAY OF THE MONTH!

Upstairs in the ballroom is Shadowplay so that is 2 rooms of music for no cover!

Please join us in the antidote to micro-management, fluorescent light, commuter traffic, the mechanical minutes of ticking clocks, "business casual," paint fumes, Microsoft Office 2007, and microwaved coffee.. the club night that is everything a day in the office is not.

DJ Curatrix and DJ Wednesday will be spinning a nostalgic and heavenly mix of your favorite goth, ethereal, darkwave, post-punk and shoegaze tracks all night long! Expect the unexpected... requests are always welcomed.

This night will remind you why you love music.

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