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HEX FILES: Resurrection update

I have deleted the earlier post because people have asked for more specific details of contents so behind the cut of this trimmer update you can see how many photos have been added, and of whom, which should prove easily enough why this is the biggest book ever published on Goth, with the American and UK sections now individually bigger than the original book was.
(*Someone that just ordered it tells me Lulu – the publisher - are offering free shipping within America through the Summer.)
To recap, HEX FILES: Resurrection is the new version of my Hex Files book originally published in 1996, when we were well into the fourth wave of Goth and this covered the International scene, which I’d wanted to do since my second book. There was a groundswell of interest in other elements, which is why Vampire, Pagan and Fetish content was also included, and this book had been out of print for well over a decade. The reason my Author’s Edition becomes the biggest book on Goth ever published is because what was once originally 192 pages, containing 231 photos is now a vast 664 pages, with 793 photos and 207 illustrations – doubtless including bands, business or people from your specific area. The only thing I have stuck to is the original 1997 price of £17.99, making this something of a bargain!

I have kept to the original text and not updated anyone already covered in my subsequent books (21st Century Goth, Music To Die For), but the original text has been certainly expanded (up from 81,000 to 98,000) as I have found extra information on bands, people and businesses who were only written about in this particular book. (I have also assumed many people buying this haven’t got my later books and provided urls where relevant as well double checking for business addresses.)

I have included as much of the material as it possible to do so that people originally sent for inclusion, which the publishers couldn’t cope with and people have requested photographic details, and here they are. Numbers in brackets indicate how many more than one photos exist of that artist.

Australia – photos of Big Electric Cat, Darkness Visible (7), Discordia, Dog Machine (4), Ikon (2), Liz Dealey (2), Nete (2), Ostia (12), Screamworld, Spin Of God, Subterfuge, Troll (3), Carpathian Magistrates Society event (2), Sacrament Radio, Velvet Web, Crown Of Thorns, Dark Angel zine (15), Deborah Mansfield.

Austria – Kiss The Blade, Visceral Evisceration

Belgium – Breath Of Life (2), This Vale Of Tears (2), Swan Death (2)

Denmark - In Absentia

Finland - Active Media Disease (2), Dancing Golem (2), Neuroactive (2), Two Witches (6)

France - Act Of Cruelty, A Sordid Poppy (5), Brotherhood Of Pagans (5), Corpus Delicti (6), Dazzle And Delight, Dead Souls Rising, Drama Of The Spheres (4), Eulen Spiegel, Evidence (8), Jacquy Bitch (4), Land Of Passion (3), Lucie Cries (2), Renaissance Noire, Rosa Crux, Vivid Atmosphere (2)

Germany – Also, Angina Pectoris (13), Beyond The Wall Of Sleep (3), Burning Dollhouse, Cream8 (2), Cyber Axis, Das Ich (2), Dronning Maudland (4), Endraum, Ghosting (5), Girls Under Glass (2), Goethes Erben (2), Grass Harp, Hall Of Souls, Head On Fire, House Of Usher, In Mitra Medusa Inri, Into The Abyss (4), Love Is Colder Than Death, Love Like Blood, Marquee Moon, Murder At The Registry, Passion Noire, Sopor Aeturnus, Sweet William (8), Tears Of Passion, Tors Of Dartmoor, Umra Et Imago (2), Alexander Pohle

Greece - The Drops (3), Flowers Of Romance, The Renaissance Dance

Netherlands – Gitane (2), Gotterdammerung, Goyasnada, Rob Brautigam

Italy – Artica (4), Ataraxia (7), Blooding Mask (3), Building 777, Camerata Mediolanense, Cat Fud (2), Dawn Fades, Deviate Ladies, Fear Of The Storm (3), The Frozen Autumn, Holy Lore (2), Limbo, Mystery Plays, Nadezdha (2), Simon Dreams In Violet (3), Spiritual Bats (5), Thanatos (2), Thelema, Votiva Lux (3), Wasteland (2), Christina Simonelli, Unknown Italian bands (6)

Lithuania – Mano Juodoji Sesuo (5)

Norway – Gotham Nights (4), Morendoes (2), Red Harvest (2)

Portugal – Martyrium (2)

Spain – Ancient Tales (2), Gothic Sex (10), Messiah Pf Pain

Sweden – Dark Side Cowboys (3), The Equinox Of The Gods (5), Funhouse, Malaise (2)

Switzerland - After Darkness (2), Is This Sickness?, Lacrimosa (3), The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud, Mordor, 1Alone, Sadness (2)

UK – Alien Sex Fiend (2), All Living Fear (11), Altered States (2), Balaam & The Angel, Chateau Royale (3), Cries Of Tammuz, De Facto, Demeter Falls (2), Die Laughing, Distorthaus, Divided Lives, Drama Asylum (3), Dream City Film Club, Earth Calling Angela (3), Emma Conquest, Enrapture (2), Eyes Of The Nightmare Jungle, Faithful Dawn (3), Gentle Ihor’s Devotion, Gethsemane, The Horatii (3), Inkubus Sukkubus (11), In Sensorium, Ketamine, Leisur Hive (3), Lilies & Remains, Manuskript (2), Marionettes, Melinda Miel (3), Methedreame (3), Midnight Configuration (20), Nekromantik (4), Never (2), Nightmoves (2), Nosferatu (13), Proton Wedding (6), Redemption (2), Return To Khaf’ji (3), Revenant Eve (3), Rubicon, Son Of William (3), Children On Stun (3), Sudanese Witch Hunt, Suspiria (8), The In Ovo (2), 13 Candles (8), The Tortured, Vendemmian (9), Vengeful Widows (5), Venus Fly Trap (4), The Voice, Witches, Witching Hour (11) Clothes – Guru, No More Twist(2), Religion, Sapphire, Vampira Designs (5) Fanzines - Lowlife, Penny Dreadful (5), Razorchild. Individuals – Armand (3), Darren Bentley, Andrew Collins, Storm Constantine (4), Cleo Cordell (2), Jason Horley (2), Kasandra O’Connell (10), Hannah Staunton (4), Lynda Stevens (4), Anne Sudworth (2), Freda Warrington, Lesley Wilkinson (2), Jackie Askew

USA – And Christ Wept, Angelhood, Apocalypse Theatre, Aurora, Autumn, Babylonian Tiles, Black Atmosphere, Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Carcrash International, Cradle Of Thorns, Cruciform (2), The Curtain Society, The Dark Theater, Data Bank A, Day Dreams In Mauve, Delta Of Venus, The Deep Eynde (13), Dimestore Haloes (5), Dichroic Mirror, The Empire Hideous (7), Eva O (5), EXP (8), Faith & Disease (5), Faith & Muse, Falling Janus (2), G.L.O.D. (3), God’s Girlfriend, Human Drama (2), Judith (2), KSK (2), London After Midnight, Lycia, Mephisto Waltz (2), The Midnight Dreary (4), Morphine Angel (3), Netherworld, The New Creatures (2), P Vampire (7), Penal Colony, Pineal Ventana (2), Presents Of Mind, Prophecy Of The Hated, The Prophetess, Screams For Tina (2), Second Skin, Shadow Light, The Shroud (16), Silent Order, Sleep Chamber (6), Sofia Run (2), Spahn Ranch, Static Grey (2), Stone 588 (3), Sub Version, Sunshine Blind (2), Tears Ov Blood (5), 13 Knots, Thanatos (3), The Machine In The Garden (3), This Ascension (3), Trance To The Sun (4), Universal Black (2), Veil Of Thorns (5), Venus Walk, Von LMO, The Wake (3), Rozz Williams (12), Wreckage (6), Damien Youth (7) Clothes includes Kambriel’s Atrocities (5), Gothic (8) Fanzines/Individuals – Clint Catalyst (3), Laura/Morbid Outlook (2), Christiana (Machine Gun Etiquette), Jennifer Chen/Spectre (2), Poppy Z. Brite, Demian Dorrance, Michelle Glass, Athea Morin (3), Paula O’Keefe, Hyacinthe L. Raven, Heather Spear (2), Zahr

You will need to register with Lulu.com before buying.

They have printers in the US and UK and I recommend you choose the flat-rate inland delivery option there. If you live outside the US and UK choose the economy airmail, otherwise you’ll be paying courier rates.

If you want to benefit from the postage deal free to check out my other books too:
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